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This is the Queenstown Sampler Designs website.
We hope you find it interesting and helpful. 
We welcome your input and comments so that we may
make it better.

All of our Nashville models are on display at the fabulous shop - IN STITCHES, Alexandria, VA https://www.institchesneedlework.com/ Ellen is open every day in the month of March.

Just down the road from In Stitches - is the famous WOODLAWN NEEDLEWORK SHOW in March.  The show is closed on Tuesdays.  https://www.woodlawnpopeleighey.org/nwshow24
2022 Woodlawn Needlework video, when Barbara had a room full of models:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mA1FcqNSHb0

New for Nashville 2024

Queenstown Sampler Designs is pleased to introduce EIGHT new releases.

Please contact your favorite needlework shop to  pre-order your charts today!

1 money shot 2024

Susan Lawton 1841, Dorithy Aukland 1818


2 money shot 2924
Elizabeth Miller 1840, Newburyport, HBF c.1789, Emily Hutson 1843, Maria Dean 1804

3 money shot 2024
Mary P. Yerkes 1825,  Frances McCall, 1857

Dorithy Aukland 1818
Doirthy Ayukland
A Reproduction of a sampler from Rotherham, South Yorkshire, England
Any level
Zweigart  Linen 40 count - color Cafe au lait
Stitched in Needlepoint Inc. silk

Stitch Count = 282 high x 242 wide
Design area = 14.10” high x 12.10” wide

Elizabeth Milller 1840
Elizabeth Miller
A Reproduction of a sampler from West Vincent, Chester, Pennsylvania
Any level
Legacy Linens 38 count - color Irish Coffee
Stitched in Needlepoint Inc. silk

Stitch Count = 283 high x 177 wide
Design area = 14.73” high x 9.05” wide

Emily E. Hutson 1843
Emily Hutson
A Reproduction of an American sampler
Any level
Lakeside Linens 32 count - color Vintage Linen
Stitched in Needlepoint Inc. silk

Stitch Count = 205 high x 123 wide
Design area = 12.81” high x 7.69” wide

Frances O. McCall 1857
Frances McCall
A Reproduction of a Franklin, Delaware, New York sampler
Any level
Mason Linen 40 count - color Button Box
Stitched in  Thread Gatherer silk

Stitch Count = 252 high x 264 wide
Design area = 12.60” high x 13.20” wide

Maria Dean 1804
Maria Dean
A Reproduction of a Nine Partners Boarding School, Dutchess County, New York sampler
X-Ju Design Linen 32 count - color Hazelnut
Stitched in  Needlepoint Inc. silk

Stitch Count = 162 high x 245 wide
Design area = 10.13” high x 15.31” wide

Mary P. Yerkes 1825
 Mary Yerkes
A Reproduction of a Quaker sampler from the Plymouth School, Montgomery, Pennsylvania
Wichelt Imports Inc. Permin Linen 40 count - color Natural Brown (undyed)
Stitched in  Needlepoint Inc.  silks and one Aver Au Soie silk

Stitch Count = 298 high x 251 wide
Design area = 14.90” high x 12.55” wide

Newburyport,  HBF,  c. 1789 MA
A Reproduction sampler held in the Queenstown Sampler Designs Collection
Newburyport, Massachusetts
Weeks Dye Works Linen 32 count - color Cocoa
Stitched in  Needlepoint Inc. silk

Stitch Count = 132 high x 89 wide
Design area = 8.25” high x 5.56” wide

Susanna Lawton  1841
Susanna Lawton
A Reproduction of an English sampler held in the Queenstown Sampler Designs Collection
Wichelt Linen 40 count - color Ivory
Stitched in DMC cotton floss

Stitch Count = 304 high x 307 wide
Design area = 15.20” high x15.35” wide

Please go to our "New Designs" page to see all our new charts.


God Bless our Troops!

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