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As we become aware of mistakes, or better ways to explain existing charts or/and instructions we will publish the corrections or    improvements here.  We will also incorporate these changes in all future printings of these chart packs.  Therefore, your newly purchased chart pack may already have these changes incorporated in it.

If you find an error, we would greatly appreciate you sending us a note describing the problem so  we can make our future chart packs better and more enjoyable for future needle workers.

Emma Jane Keltner
1.  There is no cross over 1 linen threads.
2.  Fill in the large tree (left of the lowest house) completely with symbol "0", color

Hannah Harding 1832
Some charts were printed too light and may be unreadable.  Please check your copy and contact qsdbarb@gmail.com if you need a replacement.

In the color key:  Omit line "DMC 471, NPI 251, AVAS 2114.  This color is NOT NEEDED.
     The correct colors for symbol "A" are: DMC 780, NPI 765, AVAS 4236.
     AVAS numerical order on second page is out of sequence. (symbol A = 4236)

OH Deer c.1830
n the Key and Instructions:  There is a typo in the color key.  NPI-763 converts to DMC 3862 is correct.

Hester Ann Eckman c1835
In Key and Instructions:  DMC 725 is the correct number, but it should be described as Topaz, not Olive Green.

Sarah Haines
     Recent 2021 printing of the chart pack may not have included the Stitch Diagram page.
     Please contact us and we will send you this important missing page in almost any form you wish. (E-mail, hard copy, etc)

Hannah Longstreth 1805
         The sampler is worked completely in cross stitch over two linen threads.
          Clarification in instructions - ther are NO small sysbols on the chart for cross stitch over one linen thread.

Ann Curtis 1768
        It has come to our attention that some of the charts in our first printing of the four main pages of the Ann Curtis 1768 sampler did not print evenly.
        (Some of the symbols printed very lightly and are hard to read)   If you have one of these copies, please contact us directly,
        queenstownsamplerdesigns@atlanticbb.net and we will replace them.   We are truly sorry for any inconvenience.

1717 Friesland Sampler

       There is an error on page 7, the outline color for the letter P should be 901.
       The color 902 is not listed or used.

Elizabeth Ann Bartholomew 1853
        DMC 498 is symbol "r"

Emeline Vanderbelt 1828
       Pages 10 and 11 have been omitted from some sampler packs.  If you should become one of the "unlucky" persons to acquire one of these deficient
       chart packs - PLEASE CONTACT US and we will be glad to mail you the needed pages.

      Blessings & A Quip
      The key symbol for color 3822 should be "0" and NOT "Y".

     Susan Elliott
The symbol ■ was used twice in the color Key.  It should not be used for color 993 silk/ DMC black.  The correct Symbol for black is the number 1.

     Frances Swartz.
The correct stitch count for the design area is: 208 wide by 483 tall.  On 32 count linen the design area would be: 13.00 inches wide by 30.19 inches tall.

Jane Davis
A diagram for the stem stitch was left off the instructions.

                                 stem stitch

William  & Kate
        The correct DMC substitute for NPI silk 222, Berry Red, is 3328, not 3378.

 Esther Rondel 1822
On the Key page, NPI  587 symbol should be "1" and not "3".  There is no "3" in the chart.

     Liddy Rodes 1814:
      The correct DMC substitute for NPI silk 764, Sable Brown, is 436, not 355.

     Ann Barriere 1820:
      The instructions indicate the roof is done in color 4534, symbol "x".  The symbol should be
The list of silks failed to indicate the symbol for AVAS #1832.  The chart symbol is "P".

  Christmas Eve:
 Symbol "Y" indicates AVAS color # 531 or DMC color #745.
Symbol "/"indicates AVAS color white or DMC color white.

    Hestera Harmer 1843:
The last line of the last page (listing materials needed) states you will need more silks in color
     852.  The correct color should be color 582.  This 'typo' has been corrected on all copies
     published after 01 August 2008.

Mary Pets 1831:
Noir should be symbol "S".  Color 1835 should be symbol "L".  It is only used in the girl's hair
     wreath. The "m" symbol on the door of the house chart should be "Y" color 2232.  There is no
     color for "m" - in fact; there should be no "m" on the chart or list of colors.  Just to be sure - the
     symbol for color 5023 should be a filled circle.

Chart Pages:
             Pages 8 and 11; disregard the row of symbol "+" under the door. 
             The door should be directly above the Rice stitch steps.  The door should be one stitch lower
             at the top when you move it down to cover the space previously held by the "+".

Mexican Sampler c1850:
Needle Necessities has gone out of business.  A new company "Thread Worx" has an over dyed
    floss #1093 - Ocean Coral, you can substitute for NN154.

Sands House Sampler:
On the first page of instructions - the stitch diagram for the Herringbone Variation used in DB4
    should be two threads tall, not three.  The main chart correctly shows it as over two threads.

Elizabeth J M Mears 1833:
     Under the list of silks:  Change color 115 to 155.  In the chart, in the capital eyelet letters (chart
     pg. 6) - the "X" is missing two eyelet stitches on the inner side of the lower legs.  The
     photograph shows the stitches as they should be.

     The stitch count should be 230.  NOT 241.  This will change the approximate design area (in
         inches). The revised areas (using 230 stitches) are:
          32 ct. - 14.38" wide by 23.64" high
          36 ct  -  12.78" wide by 21.05" high
          40 ct  -  11.50" wide by 18.95" high

           Please see the chart piece below to add the chimney I forgot on the original chart.  If you
           compare the chart to the model picture, you will see, that in this case, the original chart is
           wrong.  Here is the fix:

                        Mears correction